Jeffery: Publishers arent creative enough with movie IP

President of Sega of America Simon Jeffery has told


that Sega is deliberately cautious when it comes to choosing and developing movie IP – in contrast to some publishers who don’t give licensed games enough attention”.

He added that Sega does not have a rich history of dealing with licensed titles – but that this position has left it free to be more creative with the handful it selects.

This is all new for Sega," he said. "But, in our transition years, one of the things we’ve done is take a step back and look at what has enabled our competitors – Electronic Arts, Activision, THQ and Ubisoft – to be successful. "And movie licences always seem to be a part of that.

"Although Sega is now building licensed games, we are being careful not to chase every movie licence that comes along. Too often, publishers just slap the licence onto the box and don’t give the game enough attention to make certain the content of the movie translates over to the game.

We are trying to be particularly choosy about which licenses we want and with which developers we partner."

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