Jim Ryan: GamerGate was "absolutely horrific"

The president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has said that his company has a responsibility to demonstrate that the sort of misogynistic behaviour demonstrated in the GamerGate campaign will not be tolerated”.

More females are playing games now than ever before,” Jim Ryan told Metro. I think the GamerGate thing is absolutely horrible.”

Ryan added that he shared much” of the opinion of the interviewee that GamerGate was movement based on the most ludicrous conspiracies”, that the harassment dealt to female developers was beyond the pale” and that he was literally lost for words… that that level of misogyny existed today”.

When pressed on whether more should be done to encourage female gamers and developers, Ryan added: I don’t think you can or should discriminate one way or the other. Quotas in boardrooms, quotas in sporting teams, I personally don’t believe that these are the right way to achieve a world where discrimination is not prevalent.

I think if you talk about this organisation, I think all that I should do is to set an example at the top. And indicate that any behaviour that is remotely inappropriate in this area will not be tolerated.”

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