Joker fatality goes unedited in MK vs DC

Reports are suggesting that the cuts previously hinted at in the forthcoming Midway title Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe may be for the North American market only.

Speaking to Videogamer about the now infamous Joker fatality, which sees the Gotham City villain pretend to shoot foes with a pretend pistol before firing a real bullet through the skull, the game’s senior producer Hans Lo stated:

That’s partly true that the fatality has been edited. You know, for North America we have a Teen rating, and Teen really means 13 and above. 13 is pretty young, you have to admit. For Europe we have a 15, 16+ rating, so it’s a bit different. I think you might have to go take a look.”

And sure enough, the Joker fatality was there in its entirety in yesterday’s UK press briefing.

Image courtesy of GameTrailers

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