Jones Soda-bottled Nuka-Cola Quantum hitting Target shelves alongside Fallout 4 launch

Fallout’s own Nuka-Cola Quantum will arrive at Target later this month, coinciding with the release of Fallout 4.

Bethesda has partnered with Jones Soda Company to put together promotional bottles of the previously-fictional soft drink – which made its in-game item debut in Fallout 3. Polygon keenly notes the soda isn’t a newly developed recipe, but instead a rebranding of Jones’ berry lemonade flavor.

One might be shocked to find out this isn’t the only beverage-related promotion Bethesda has in the works for Fallout 4’s launch. The company has also partnered with brewing company Carlsberg to distribute Fallout branded beer across the UK starting November 5th.

The carbonated drink is set to hit the US retailer’s shelves on November 10th– the same day as Fallout 4’s worldwide launch. Here’s the promo image in full:

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