Judge recommends Xbox 360 ban in US

Microsoft’s patent dispute with Motorola just got significantly more serious with the threat of a US ban on the console.

The legal tussle between the pair saw the Xbox 360 console blocked from distribution in Germany earlier this month.

Now Judge David Shaw of the International Trade Commission has recommended that the machine should no longer be imported into the US and all sales of unsold stock to be blocked.

In addition, Shaw thinks Microsoft should be a levy of seven per cent of the value of each unsold console remaining in the country.

"Enforcing intellectual property rights outweighs any potential economic impact on video game console buyers," he added.

Microsoft then argued that such a move would be unfair as it would limit the options available to the consumer, though Shaw argued that Sony and Nintendo could handle any extra demand.

If the ITC commissioners agree with Shaw then the recommendation will be presented to none other than US President Barack Obama, who (along with a small army of advisors) will have the final say.

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