Kalypso Media announces headcount grew by 50 per cent during 2020

German independent developer Kalypso Media has grown considerably during the 2020 pandemic, with its headcount moving up from 100 to 150 over the year.

The main drivers for the company’s growth include increased studio capacities in Germany, as well as the strengthening of the publishing business at its headquarters, in the USA and UK and at a new branch in Tokyo, Japan.

Kalypso’s three in-house studios also all saw growth in numbers: Realmforge Studios (Munich), Claymore Game Studios (Darmstadt) and Gaming Minds Studios (Gütersloh). The companies brands include Tropico, Spacebase Startopia, Sudden Strike and Port Royale.

The company noted that next-gen development and boosts in federal funding for the sector had both played into the decision to expand. And that further recruitment and expansion was planned for 2021 as well.

Simon Hellwig, Managing Director & Owner, said, “We are very grateful that in these uncertain times under the shadow of this global pandemic, we can rely on a business model that not only provides security for our employees around the world, but also enables us to create new jobs.”

“This growth in personnel reflects our overall strategy of covering as large a part of the value chain as possible, while at the same time driving forward our games-as-a-service model” says Dr. Anika Thun, International Marketing Director at Kalypso Media. “Although there are still a few key positions to be filled, we are well positioned to meet the future needs of the market and the community.”

More specifically, in the UK, “the digital distribution at the Bracknell UK office has been bolstered by the addition of Anthony Darling, Digital Sales Manager (formerly Capcom and Sony).

“Following an office relocation from New Jersey to Seattle, Jared Nieuwenhuis, Marketing Director USA (formerly HER Interactive) and Carol Rogalski, Senior PR Manager USA (formerly Zebra Partners PR and Xbox) have added their valuable experience to Kalypso Media USA.

“Meanwhile, Marco Nier, Senior Marketing Manager (formerly Midway and F&F Distribution) and Michael Roeder, Senior PR Manager EMEA (formerly Leica and Namco Bandai) complement the PR and marketing team at Worms, Germany headquarters.”

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