Karaoke streaming coming to Xbox Live

Microsoft is set to bring Xbox Live subscribers a pay-per-hour Karaoke application.

This pay-as-you-play business model is a console first and the Karaoke service will allow Xbox Live subscribers to stream, and then butcher, songs through the 360.

Rather than pay for individual tracks, the service gives users the opportunity to exchange Microsoft Points for temporary access to The Karaoke Channel’s 8,000 plus catalogue of tunes.

Access comes in sessions of two, six and, for the hard-core crooner, 24 hours and features SmartGlass integration and achievements.

The service is set to arrive in time for Christmas and the move continues Microsoft’s recent exploration of new payment models, seen recently with its first free-to-play game on Xbox Live, Happy Wars.

Karaoke also continues the console’s proud history with the party pastime, with titles including Lips on the 360 and 2003’s Xbox Music Mixer.

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