Epic and Nvidia team up for SIGGRAPH tech demo

Kepler GPU and OpenGL 4.3 arrive on mobile

Epic Games gave a tech demo at SIGGRAPH today that showed what it called “desktop PC game content” running on Nvidia’s “Logan” mobile processor.

The Unreal Engine 4 powered demonstration took advantage of Nvidia’s new support for OpenGL 4.3, which allows developers access to high-end graphics on mobile devices.

The Logan processor is important because it brings the Kepler architecture of Nvidia’s newest line of PC GPUs to mobile devices.

“And this isn’t your father’s GPU: Nvidia’s mobile graphics technology is built on the same Kepler graphics architecture found in its latest generation of PC GPUs,” writes Epic President Tim Sweeney in an Nvidia blog post.

“It’s the same Kepler architecture on top of which we’ve created high-end Unreal Engine 4 PC demos, which have taken advantage of over 2.5 teraflops of computing performance.”

But the hardware is only half the story, and Sweeney thinks the most important development is in the introduction of OpenGL 4.3.

“The big news here is Nvidia’s support for the OpenGL 4.3 feature set, which brings to mobile devices the same high-end graphics hardware capabilities exposed via DirectX 11 on PC games and on next-generation consoles!” he explained.

“More than ever before, we see the opportunity for developers to create high-end games and ship them across multiple platforms on a wide variety of devices, including tablet, smartphone, Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Nvidia’s OpenGL 4.3 achievements open up the mobile front of this strategy.”

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