Killzone 3 reviews are live

Ahead of its release on February 25th in the UK, the review embargo on Sony’s Killzone has lifted to reveal mainly positive reviews of the new shooter.

The game currently has an average of 87 per cent on Metacritic, with two scores of 100 per cent but also two 70 per cent’s from GamesTM and Joystiq.

"Killzone’s certainly gotten more sophisticated and learnt a few narrative tricks – but it’s not really any brainier," CVG explains in its 8.5/10 assessment.

"At heart, KZ3 is still a ridiculously good looking thrill-fest that offers a multitude of wild set pieces – but one which ultimately challenges little more than your reaction speed and visual expectations. She’s not marriage material and eventually, her charms will wear thin. But we can at least almost guarantee that shooter fans won’t regret spending a fair few evenings alone in her company."

GameSpot offers the same score: "In some ways, Killzone 3 is a step forward. Set-piece battles will be drilled into your brain for some time after you experience them. There’s more variety in both the environments and the action, and the game is better off for this diversity.

"On the other hand, the excruciating story’s tendency to intrude just when the action intensifies has an adverse effect on the pacing. The competitive multiplayer isn’t hampered by such infantile excess, focusing instead on what the shooter does best: delivering solid action in a visually dazzling context. Killzone 3 isn’t the game it could have been, but when it comes to capturing the madness of larger-than-life planetside battles, few games do it better."

Eurogamer is perhaps a little less enthused, but still scores the game a respectable 8/10: Fans of Killzone 2 will love the improved multiplayer, but may find that the single-player side of things has lost a lot of its identity. It’s always polished and breathlessly paced, but it no longer offers a distinct change of pace from the rest of the shooter herd.

"Killzone 3 is a powerful, impressive game that sets an imposing standard for Sony’s 3D, Move-enabled future output; it’s just a shame that in doing so, it’s lost just a little of what made the series stand out in the first place."

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