Killzone 3 takes over PS Home

Sony is promoting Killzone 3 by transforming PlayStation Home into a special hub based on the PS3 shooter.

The online world will become the ‘ISA Stronghold’ on January 27th. Players can access the area by visiting the ISA dropship in Home Square, and will be able to take part in several Killzone 3 mini-games.

Central Plaza Defender is an FPS that allows users to fight waves of Helghast enemies, air units and ships. By completing this and two other games players will unlock points which can be redeemed in the full Killzone 3 game which hits shelves on February 25th.

Amazon is also running a special pre-order offer within the Killzone 3 area in PlayStation Home. Users can reserve the game with the online retailer and gain access to an exclusive jet pack costume for their avatar.

Killzone 3 is the latest in Sony’s popular shooter series. It features 3D and Move compatibility.

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