First-party studio says the production effort has stepped up significantly for next-gen titles

Killzone maker: Next-gen game production effort has ‘quadrupled’

Sony’s fourth major PlayStation is also four times as demanding to develop for than its predecessor, says the developer behind Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Eric Boltjes, Guerrilla Games’ lead designer on the PS4 launch title, told VG247 that although it is simpler to build a PlayStation 4 title thanks to its architecture, it also happens to be significantly more challenging.

“The architecture is really cool because it’s easier to develop for, you get more memory, you get more hard drive space, you get more processing power so the architecture is easier," said Boltjes.

“It’s also a lot more demanding, because the production effort needed just to make a next-gen title now is not doubled; it’s quadrupled.”

"That’s because everything needs to look that much better. It takes a lot more people, and that takes a lot more communication. So it does it make things a lot more easier from a technical standpoint, but from a professional standpoint it makes things a lot harder.”

Boltjes added that Guerrilla being part of Sony’s next-generation platform was of great importance to the studio, and the decision was made to make the leap almost two-and-a-half years ago.

As one of Sony’s first-party development studios, Guerrilla was involved early on in the consultations for PS4 and some of its direct suggestions have influenced how the console and his hardware has taken shape, such as the concave triggers and analog sticks on the DualShock 4 controller.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is out along with the PlayStation 4 this November.

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