Motion sensing hardware to break away from Xbox One

Kinect 2 support coming to PC

The next-gen iteration of Kinect will be released for Windows PC, Microsoft’s corporate VP of interactive entertainment business has said.

Confirming the news to Polygon, Ben Kilgore said the Kinect would be made compatible with PCs, and would be released for the platform “at some point down the line”.

The new motion sensing hardware is set to play a key and central role in Microsoft’s newly unveiled Xbox One console.

During last night’s reveal, Microsoft said the device will now be able to sense even the slightest rotation of a wrist or shoulder, as well as shifts in balance and transfer of weight.

It claimed the Kinect could detect a player’s emotional state, read their heartbeat, recognise specific users and would be able to transfer 2GB of data per second in 1080p.

Kinect will also play a pivotal role in a number of entertainment features on the console, with voice commands used to flip between various services on the Xbox, such as music, games and Skype.

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