Metal Gear creator shares his thoughts on the East/West divide

Kojima: ‘Western game design is more technology-driven’

Kojima Productions honcho Hideo Kojima shared his thoughts on the differences between game design between Japan and the West.

He categorised his design style as being ‘designer-driven game design’, following the vision laid down by the lead designer, and said that he thinks many Japanese game development is done this way.

"There’s a new trend in the West, which is a more software-based, technology-driven game design," he said. "In that sense, they overcome hurdles with software technology itself. For example, ideas like being able to run wherever you want with no loading screens, or being able to ride any vehicle in the game, or being able to destroy everything you see."

"In the future of Kojima Productions, I want to mix the Western and Japanese way of designing. Using hardware technology, software technology, and also game design, to overcome our obstacles. That’s how I think we’ll reach the next Metal Gear Solid. So I want to really challenge this wall of impossibility together with American and European developers, who really specialise in software design."

He ended with a positive message about his beliefs on impossibility.

"Before giving up, let’s identify the impossible barriers that we can’t overcome with each other, because they’re just in our heads, based on our experiences and stereotypes. Actually, these things are possible. I like to think that 90 per cent of what is ‘impossible’ is actually possible, and the remaining ten per cent will come with time and technology."

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