Kudo shrugs off Kinect criticism

The man behind Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect has shrugged off the less then enthusiastic response that the motion camera has received from some elements of the internet games community.

Well, people on the internet are generally negative anyway so I try not to get too bent out of shape about that,” Kudo Tsunoda joked to MCV in an exclusive interview.

He went on to add that being a core gamer is about more than simply playing shooters – it’s about a deeper interest in the medium.

What interests me is that along the way in the journey of games ‘core gamers’ were labelled as people who only like shooters or violence. But what makes a core gamer, really, is someone who likes depth. Kinect allows that. No one really likes having to master the input device, those first few hours where you learn the muscle memory for the buttons. That’s a barrier we are removing straight away.”

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