Update 1.50 needed for most features, but suspend/resume mode delayed past launch

Launch-day patch, internet connection needed for PS4 disc drive

PlayStation 4 owners will have to download an update if they want to make use of the console’s DVD/Blu-ray drive.

The launch-day 1.50 update will be necessary for users to take advantage of many of the new console’s major features like video sharing and online multiplayer.

While the 300 MB patch includes most of the sharing and cross-platform compatibility advertised by Sony, other features have been delayed past launch.

This includes the suspend/resume mode that puts the PS4 in a low-power state but allows users to jump straight back into a game.

The 1.50 update will add remote play on the PS Vita, second screen support, the new social gameplay sharing features, and the ability to have up to four users logged into the same PS4 simultaneously.

Though Sony says the PS4 won’t need the update for “basic” features, some users might feel that the use of the DVD/Blu-ray drive and online play are basic enough they should function out of the box.

More controversially, the DVD/Blu-ray player will need to connect to the internet in order to initialize the device, but this is just a one-time connection requirement.

For the full list of features that need the day-one patch visit the Sony PlayStation blog.

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