LBP in PSN Plus givaway

In an effort to get as many people as possible on board for the launch of PlayStation Plus, the new premium arm to Sony’s PSN service, the platform holder has confirmed that it will give away a free digital copy of LittleBigPlanet to all Europeans who sign up between June 29th and August 3rd.

Unlike other titles that will be handed out to members, users will be free to keep the game even if they do not renew their subscription to the 39.99 per year service.

Also free to keep will be two dynamic themes and two premium avatars per month, many of which will be exclusive to users of the service. There will also be exclusive discounts available on other titles.

Another new feature is Automatic Downloads, a function that allows users to force downloads onto dormant machines that will remotely activate themselves to access PSN content.

Members of PSN Plus will get access to four free titles a month – one PSN game, two Minis and one PSOne Classic. These can be accessed at any time as long as the subscription remains active. Once downloaded once titles can be redownloaded at any time, even if they are no longer included in the PSN Plus promotional selection.

Membership can be purchased on an annual basis or in 90-day chunks.

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