League of Legends featuring in Chinese Windows 10 push

League of Legends is being used to accelerate the adoption of Windows 10 in China thanks to a partnership between Microsoft and Tencent.

Microsoft has announced that Tencent will create a Windows 10 universal app for their existing QQ app, which currently has over 800m users in China. League of Legends, as well as other titles such as Cross Fire and Dungeon & Fighter, will be adapted for Windows 10 compatibility and be offered on Microsoft’s new Windows store.

Part of the announcement included confirmation of a summer release for the OS, which will be offered as a free upgrade to Windows 7 and 8 owners. It will launch in 190 countries and 111 languages.

In China, specifically, hardware manufacturer Lenovo has said it will offer Windows 10 upgrade centres across 2,500 service centres and stores across the country.

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