A percentage of Championhip Ashe skin sales will go to three global charities

League of legends offers charity donations for championship skin purchase

Riot Games have released a Championship skin for purchase every year to coincide with the League of Legends World Championship series, most commonly known as ‘Worlds’. The proceeds from the sales of that skin contributing to the prize pool for the Worlds tournament. This year, a cut of that money is going to charity.

If you purchase the Championship Ashe skin this year then 25 per cent of the sales will go to the 2017 Worlds prize pool. However, Riot Games is going to match that 25 percent to form a charity fund. Three charities will be able to get money from the pool, with a public voting system to decide which one will get the most money.

The charities range from personal support to computer-based technology education BasicNeeds is a charity that helps support mental illness and epilepsy in low and middle-income countries by building sustainable support programs with local governments and nonprofit organisations.

Learning Equality will launch offline high-quality education for areas of the world without internet and The Raspberry Pi Foundation is looking to fund further technology education programmes in South America, India and East Africa.

The pool of money will be split by a public vote with the leading charity getting 50 per cent of the available funds, while the other two charities will receive a split of the remaining 50 per cent. The voting is also based on your League of Legends Honor level meaning that the higher it is, the more weight that vote has to the process.

You can read more about Championship Ashe and the charities here.

The League of Legends Worlds series starts this week in China, starting at 6 am BST and running until the grand final in Beijing on November 4th.

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