Leaked US retail ad shows Vita for $200

A leaked US retail advertisement indicates that the PS Vita will drop down to $200 this month – though it’s unclear for how long it will stay at that price.

Joystiq reports on an upcoming print ad from Target that shows a $200 price point for the handheld.

There’s no way of telling from the info on the ad if it’s promoting a temporary sale price or a permanent cut in cost. Japan received a price reduction for the Vita in February, and at that time Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida stated that consumers in North America wouldn’t see the same price drop.

The ad will supposedly run in various print publications August 18-24, so confirmation one way or another should take place later this month.

The current standard retail price for the WiFi-only Vita currently goes for $250, with the 3G-enabled model priced at $300.

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