LEGO Portal gets Cuusoo treatment

Portal 2 has become the latest video game IP to storm the fan-lead LEGO Cuusoo process.

Cuusoo allows fans to vote on proposed LEGO projects. Once a proposal hits 10,000 votes it is officially presented to a panel of LEGO adjudicators who either green light or veto its move into production.

Then, of course, there’s the question of whether Valve would OK the project. But who in their right mind would say not to LEGO?

We’ve been developing a Portal Cuusoo Project for some time now,” the Cuusoo listing reads. The two seem to mix well, LEGO and Portal, the basic bricks and tiles can easily and perfectly (with a little brickmath) replicate the standard setting of Portal, the iconic Testing Chambers.

But for the more complex assets of the game, notably GLaDOS, there is satisfying level of difficulty, but still an elegant and representative translation. Lego and Portal will mesh nicely, each enhancing the other, the whole greater than the sum of it’s parts.”
We brainstormed for quite a while before crystallizing our various ideas and the multitudinous remarkable things about Portal, Portal 2 and related storyline into a few sets.

LEGO Minecraft successfully passed through the Cuusoo process at the turn of the year.

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