There is 'no proper marketplace' for digital games on Nintendo platforms, claims dev

Lexis Numerique: Nintendo doesn’t push digital enough

Nintendo doesn’t push the WiiWare and other digital games enough on its consoles, Lexis Numerique’s business development director has said.

Speaking to Strategy Informer, Djamil Kemal said the developer, which has released a number of titles for PSN, XBLA and WiiWare, had found it difficult to work on Nintendo platforms.

He added that whilst the console giant pushed blockbuster-style games, there was currently no proper marketplace for smaller developers, making it hard for users to find new releases.

“In theory, yes, but to be totally honest it is really hard to work on a Nintendo platform,” said Kemal.

“Not because of technical reasons but we feel that Nintendo just doesn’t push its WiiWare and other digital games. They do blockbuster-style games like in previous eras, but if you look at what is happening with WiiWare at the moment for instance, there no proper marketplace, making it really hard to check out the latest releases.

“For us as developers, we need to know that the company releasing a new system are going to push digital games heavily, and what we have seen with WiiWare doesn’t make us think Nintendo will.”

Digital distribution is thought to play a key part in Nintendo’s plans for the Wii U and 3DS, with the console giant already making the decision to release New Super Mario Bros 2 at retail and for download on the same day.

It was also rumoured earlier this year that Nintendo had offered “insane incentives” to publishers to sell games on its new eShop, allegedly giving a larger revenue cut than other gaming platform providers such as Apple, Microsoft and Sony.

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