Licensed keypad and mouse controller coming to PS4

Those thirsting for a bit of keyboard and mouse tomfoolery on PS4 will soon have an officially sanctioned solution.

Amazon is carrying a listing for a HORI branded peripheral called the Tactical Assault Commander 4. It comes in two parts – a mouse and truncated keyboard.

The wired mouse appears to have six buttons and a scroll wheel. The keypad, meanwhile, has a d-pad and 19 keyboard style buttons, some of which are assigned to PlayStation’s face buttons while others are labelled ‘snipe’, ‘quick’ and ‘walk’.

There is also the PlayStation button as well as ‘options’ and ‘share’, as well as a slider to switch between three profiles. It’s all backlit, too.

The device is listed by Amazon as due for release on October 9th with a price of 86.35.

Last week a long-awaited Sony-licensed PS4 media remote was revealed by PDP.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer, meanwhile, had said that mouse support is also in the works for Xbox One. That console already supports USB keyboards.

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