Linux just one ‘killer’ game away from gaming explosion, DICE believes

All it will take is one ‘killer’ game for open-source OS Linux for the platform to make a significant mark on gaming.

That’s according to DICE creative director Lars Gustavsson who told Polygon that the EA-owned studio would very much like the operating system to establish itself.

"We strongly want to get into Linux for a reason," he said. "It took Halo for the first Xbox to kick off and go crazy – usually, it takes one killer app or game and then people are more than willing [to adopt it] – it is not hard to get your hands on Linux, for example, it only takes one game that motivates you to go there.

"I think, even then, customers are getting more and more convenient, so you really need to convince them how can they marry it into their daily lives and make an integral part of their lives.”

Valve’s highly anticipated Steam OS will be built using Linux.

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