Livingstone and Gibson’s BGI proposal backed by more than 350 signatures

Support for a new British Games Institute has expanded rapidly sinceits announcement last week.

Over 350 members of the games industry, including names from developers, publishers and the media, have signed up to support the scheme.

The proposal from industry legend Ian Livingstone CBE and Rick Gibson calls for a new government funded agency to help support the video games industry as a seperate entity from other media, like film, which will help benefit the UK ecomony.

According to their website,, the idea has a list of backers including: "over 300 CEOs, Directors and influential industry figures from some of the UK’s best known games companies, investors and educational establishment[s]".

Thefull list is published on their sitebut includes many figures from both large developers and publishers as well as the indepenedent development, along with the UK’s trade bodies UKIE and TIGA who’s support was published with the initiative’s announcement last week.

You can read the full story on our sister site Develop.

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