LONDON FOCUS: Develop profiles the first studios in its week-long focus on the capital

London is â??the best city in the worldâ? for developers

Continuing Develop’s week-long special on the resurgence of London as a hub for leading developers we’ve taken a look at Headstrong Games and Curve Studios.

Speaking to Develop, both explained why they have made London their home, what the city offers employees, and how it needs to advance to return to former glories as one of the world’s leading development centres.

Headstrong Games studio head Bradley Crooks, who is readying the launch of House of the Dead: Overkill, revealed: “If you’re a young, ambitious wannabe developer, why would you not want to leap into an exciting career in a city where the streets are paved with gold?

“London’s strength, other than the obvious benefits of working in arguably the best city in the world, is that it offers the opportunity to consider your first position as the start of career rather than just the start of a job.”

However, Curve Studio’s design director Jonathan Biddle takes a more cautious approach to the city’s merits: “While the industry here is still interlinked, and everyone either knows someone or has worked in all of the other London-based companies, we don’t have the same sense of community that the other hubs enjoy.

 “It seems obvious, but an initiative like Yorkshire and Humber’s Game Republic would be very beneficial to development in the area, and a great forum for sharing techniques, processes and even work.”

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