LoveFilm to lift PS3 digital market

UK rental giant LoveFilm says its PS3 movie streaming service will exceed expectations.

The company launched the utility earlier this month in collaboration with developer PushButton, and has enjoyed a consistent stream of positive feedback.

We are delighted with the PS3 package,” LoveFilm’s chief marketing officer Simon Morris told MCV. It has exceeded all of our expectations.

What’s not to like? It’s a mass film service, like the ones we’ve stood for. We’ve always made our name in film with DVD rentals.

We were a game-changer in 2004 when we put post, internet and our vast film library together. We’ve now applied the same philosophy with Sony.”

While nothing has been announced, LoveFilm is keen to expand this service, potentially bringing movie-streaming to other consoles.

Our strategy from the off has been to bring this service to as many digital platforms as possible,” Morris said.

I think we will see more crossover between films and games, and developing movie-streaming services for a games console is only going to bring them closer.”

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