LucasArts on the Star Wars Kinect game

The Microsoft-made Star Wars Kinect game will be prominent during the Xbox press conference next week.
But how involved has LucasArts been in the game?

We’re working closely with [Microsoft Game Studios] and their dev teams to create a completely new Star Wars experience for the Kinect audience,” says LucasArts president Paul Meegan. We’re all looking forward to a great game.”

Is LucasArts interested in developing games for Kinect and Move itself? Lightsabers and motion-controllers have seemed like a perfect, yet unrequited, match.

There are some obvious opportunities,” says Meegan. We’re keeping a close eye on the tech.”

One games franchise that has kept the Star Wars flame alive – and proven its versatility – has been the Traveller’s Tales range of LEGO titles.

Four LEGO Star Wars games have been released, plus two Indiana Jones ones. How much mileage is left in using the key Lucas properties with that brand?

A lot, says LucasArts president Paul Meegan: LEGO and Star Wars have long proven to be a winning combination in toys and video games. We released LEGO Star Wars III back in March, and it’s off to a good start. TT Games created a fantastic game. I’m optimistic we’ll continue to deliver great experiences for the long haul.”

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