Madden 25 surpasses 1m units sold during launch week

The latest in the Madden NFL series moved over a million copies in North America during its first week, EA has announced.

The result is mixed for Madden NFL 25, with year-over-year sales for the annual American football franchise down from Madden NFL 13’s launch week sales of 1.65m units.

That said, the game has the added benefit of an upcoming release on both PS4 and Xbox One in November. EA states that the microtransaction-driven Madden Ultimate Team has made a significant impact as well.

The Saturday after launch was the best single day for revenue for the mode, since it was introduced in Madden NFL 10. Players opened 3.3m virtual packs of Ultimate Team cards during the week, up 700k from the same period in 2012.

The NFL Sunday Ticket-enhanced Madden NFL 25 Anniversary Edition also performed well, with Amazon calling the $100 exclusive the best-selling sports game preorder” in the retailer’s history.

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