MAG gets pay-monthly DLC

Publisher Sony has taken the interesting step of offering players the chance to purchase a small piece of extra functionality in online shooter MAG in return for paying a monthly fee.

As of yesterday, players are now able to purchase additional character slots for the game that allow them to store customised weapons and equipments layouts. Two extra slots are available at a cost of $0.99 a month each.

Each purchase entitles users to access the slots for 30 days. If anyone decides not to pay out one month they will lose access to the character created in that slot, though all the details will be saved in case they choose to buy the option again in the future.

The functionality must be purchased via PSN for use in-game.

At a time when publishers are increasingly looking for new ways to monetise the post-release digital content of their titles, it will be interesting to discover what sort of uptake rate Sony enjoys.

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