Major 2K Games title to be announced ‘soon’

2K Games will release a major triple-A game before March 2016, Take-Two has announced.

The firm would not be drawn on what the game is, and CEO Strauss Zelnick would not even confirm if the title will appear at E3 next month. "We leave these announcements to the labels," he told MCV. Although the firm did say the announcement would be made ‘soon’.

Take-Two prides itself on releasing a new IP every year since 2007. During its last financial year that game was Evolve, and next year Battleborn is already on the schedule. So perhaps this time it is a big sequel. The obvious options would be BioShock or Borderlands, the company’s two biggest non-annualised franchise. Although 2K also owns the rights to Mafia, Spec-Ops, Duke Nukem and XCOM.

Hopefully we’ll find out more next month.

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