Majority of UK retailers bullied at work

Over 80 per cent of UK employees – particularly those involved in retail – have been victims of bullying at work, according to a new survey by The Samaritans.

The report, entitled Stressed Out, also found over half of retail employees say their jobs are getting more stressful and that work is overtaking their home lives.

Over 40 per cent of IT workers, retailers, caterers and engineers said they felt unsupported at work and unable to deal with stress, compared with people in health, education, banking and finance – over half of whom claim they receive adequate support.

Young employees (18-24 years) were found to be the most vulnerable to stress, with 38 per cent feeling less likely than all other age groups to talk openly to their managers and 57 per cent unable to talk to colleagues.

Other findings included:

* 49 per cent of people were worried about the affect stress was having on their health, compared with 44 per cent of people surveyed last year;

* 32 per cent of workers felt their employers turned a blind eye to the problem of stress;

* Over half had seen colleagues cry over pressure and 83 per cent would rather say they were sick with flu or another problem rather than admit they were stressed.

Workplace stress expert Professor Cary Cooper of Lancaster University said: These results really disturb me. Shouldn’t we be managing people by reward and praise rather than by fault finding and bullying?

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