Margin Makers: Guide to Destiny merchandise

Bungie’s blockbuster shooter is getting its greatest add-on yet in The Taken King. MCV looks at the merchandise surrounding the major launch

The biggest new IP of 2014 is about to get even bigger.

Launched last September, Activision and Bungie’s MMO-cum-FPS Destiny had over 16 million registered players at the start of 2015.

Activision revealed earlier this year that, in conjunction with mobile hit Hearthstone, the games had collectively raked in more than $850 million during the previous 12 months.

The success of Destiny at retail saw the title hailed as the best New Games Brand of 2014 at this year’s MCV Awards. The accolade joined the game’s records for most pre-ordered IP of all time and the biggest-selling new franchise in history, with more than $500 million in sales on day one.

The Taken King will be the third big expansion for Destiny, after the release of The Dark Below last December and House of Wolves in May. It’s the last part of the so-called ‘Year One’ portion of Destiny, and will see a number of physical and digital SKUs, including Legendary and Collector’s Editions.

The expansion puts a focus on narrative, adding to Destiny’s campaign and including new quests, enemies, locations, maps and a Raid mission. Activision says building on the title’s story and providing far more content (the pack is twice the price of its predecessors) is a response to the requests of the Destiny community.

As with the initial release of Destiny, there will be a special PS4 bundle to commemorate The Taken King’s launch on September 15th, with a limited-edition white 500GB machine and a variety of bonus content.

The Taken King is set to excite gamers who have continued to play Destiny from its launch until now, but with such a lot on offer, old players could be drawn back to the shooter, too – making the expansion’s release the perfect time to stock up on Destiny merchandise.

Destiny Signature Series Strategy Guide

This useful guide is ideal for players wanting to catch up with Destiny’s existing content in time for The Taken King’s release. It includes a complete walkthrough of the shooter’s campaign, with tips and guides for every strike. Every enemy and weapon is fully detailed, too. It also has comprehensive coverage of the game’s multiplayer modes and exclusive illustrated maps, which are only available in this guide.

SRP: 14.99

Manufacturer: Bradygames

Distributor: DK


Art of Destiny

This collectible book collates Destiny’s concept art, allowing players to explore more of the sci-fi title’s universe. Its wide-ranging gallery of images includes every class, vehicle and planet, from the earliest sketches of the Guardians’ armour to ruined cityscapes on far-reaching worlds. Hundreds of sketches, illustrations, artwork, environments and more are featured.

SRP: 24.99

Manufacturer: Titan Books

Distributor: Titan Books


Destiny Ruled Journal

Inspired by the visuals of Bungie’s game, this writing journal is perfect for jotting down experiences in Destiny’s galaxy.

SRP: 13

Manufacturer: Insight Editions

Distributor: Insight Editions


Destiny Trio Maxi Poster

Measuring 61 by 91.5cm, this print frames three Guardians in front of a beautiful alien landscape.

SRP: 3.99

Manufacturer: GB Eye

Distributor: GB Eye


Titan Mix MaterialBi-Fold Wallet

Players can keep their Strange Coins and Glimmer safe with this wallet emblazoned with a Titan emblem.

SRP: 13.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Destiny – Heavy MouldedMetal Keychain

Keep losing the keys to your intergalactic spacecraft? Us too. This keyring will help keep everything in one place.

SRP: 4.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Destiny: ThePoster Collection

40 pages of removable posters make up this showcase of Destiny’s worlds, enemies, Guardians and vehicles.

SRP: 19.99

Manufacturer: Insight Editions

Distributor: Insight Editions


Destiny WarlockZipper Hoodie

Decorated with an orange and black Warlock logo, this zip-up hoodie will keep Destiny players safe on inhospitable planets. (Maybe.)

SRP: 44.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


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