Margin Makers: Guide to Fallout 4 merchandise

After the record-breaking success of Skyrim, Bethesda returns to the nuclear wasteland for Fallout 4. MCV looks at the merchandise set to make gamers glow green with envy (not radiation)

Bethesda is pulling out all the stops in its follow-up to two of the most popular games of the last generation.

Fallout 4 is the highly-anticipated sequel to 2008’s Fallout 3. Another Fallout title, New Vegas, was released in 2010, but this week’s instalment is the first proper follow-up to the massively successful game.

Fallout 3 has sold more than 4.6 million units worldwide and was critically acclaimed upon release. It was voted the best game of 2008 and seventh greatest game of the decade by IGN. The announcement of Fallout 4 at this year’s E3 rocketed the older game’s sales by 1,163 per cent.

Fallout 4 is also the first major open-world RPG from Bethesda since 2011’s The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a fantasy game made by the same studio.

At the time of its launch, Skyrim was the fastest-selling game of all time on Steam, plus the title with the most simultaneous players.

By June 2013, the RPG had sold 20 million units.

So it’s little surprise that Bethesda has invested heavily in marketing and promotion around Fallout 4 since its reveal in June.

During E3, it launched a tie-in free-to-play mobile game, Fallout Shelter, for iOS and Android, which became the most-downloaded iOS app in the US and UK within a day of launch. It was also the third-highest-grossing iOS title on the day of its release, generating over $2 million – more than that of Candy Crush Saga.

There is also a massive variety of branded products hitting retail ahead of Fallout 4’s release. From snowboards to Fallout beer created in collaboration with Carlsberg, there’s everything gamers would need to survive in the post-apocalyptic wasteland – and more.

Vault 111 Sole Survivor Hoodie

Emblazoned with the vault number of Fallout 4’s lead protagonist, this hoodie is designed to keep players warm throughout the chilly nuclear winter. It has two pockets and a hood (obviously), with the left sleeve featuring a zippered compartment and logo.

SRP: 46.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Fallout 3: Special Edition Vinyl Soundtrack

Clocking in at over 80 minutes, this special edition vinyl set brings Fallout 3’s soundtrack to wax for the first time. It has all 29 of the tracks composed by highly-regarded game composer Inon Zur. The pack includes three LPs and one seven-inch disc, contained in a four-pocket, three-gatefold jacket. This is then enclosed in a full-colour heavy board stock slipcover. Enough to survive hundreds of years in a vault.

SRP: $85 (56)

Manufacturer: SpaceLab9

Distributor: SpaceLab9


Nuka Cola Bottle Cap Keychain

As caps are used as currency in the post-apocalyptic land of Fallout, this keyring is a sound investment for the end of the world.

SRP: 6.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Feral Ghoul Pop! Vinyl Figure

Fallout’s irradiated and emaciated inhabitants are shrunken down to adorable size in these collectable figures.

SRP: 9.99

Manufacturer: Funko

Distributor: Underground Toys


Vault Boy Messenger Bag

Decorated with the encouraging thumbs up of franchise mascot Vault Boy, this shoulder bag features plenty of inventory space.

SRP: 34.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Monopoly: Fallout Edition

Fallout 4’s hero spends 200 years underground in a vault. There’s obviously no better way to pass the time than Monopoly.

SRP: $40 (26)

Manufacturer: USAopoly

Distributor: Winning Moves

Contact: 01706 558 539

Vault 111 Yellow Snapback

Power armour might be tough, but it’s hardly fashionable. Fallout fans can get their wasteland swagger on with this hat.

SRP: 19.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


Vault Boy Bomber T-Shirt

Mimicking the iconic Dr Strangelove scene, this Vault Boy-starring top is the ideal gift for film buffs and Fallout lovers alike.

SRP: 14.99

Manufacturer: Bioworld Europe

Distributor: Gaming Merchandise UK


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