Mario Party 8 back on August 3rd

After recently being taken off the shelves due to the discovery of the word ‘spastic’ in the script, Nintendo has told MCV that the Mario Party 8 will officially re-launch on August 3rd.

The firm was keen to assure retail that the problem has been dealt with and will not resurface. However it said that there may still be affected copies of the game in the channel.

The offending word has been replaced at code level and the software reproduced,” said a spokesperson from Nintendo. We are confident we have taken the correct appropriate levels and action necessary and in all new versions of the game there are no issues – however we cannot 100 per cent guarantee that every copy of the initial batch was returned to us and as such there may still be a small number of copies of the game in circulation.”

Nintendo also confirmed that there would be no change on pricing and stock levels will remain unaffected for the re-launch.”

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