Mass Effect 2 Overlord DLC revealed

EA has revealed first details of its upcoming Overlord DLC pack for Mass Effect, which will be available to download in June.

The add-on features new vehicle-based gameplay, combat missions and a story which follows a dangerous AI which has been created by fusing a human with a Geth.

Mass Effect 2’s executive producer Casey Hudson told MCV: Overlord is a standalone story which can be played before or after the end of Mass Effect 2, providing players with an evening or two of new adventures.”

Further, EA confirmed that more DLC for BioWare’s RPG is on the way.

We have several new DLC packs in development and we plan to keep that up – there’s always something new around the corner for the long-term Mass Effect players.”

Mass Effect 2 was released on January 29th and went on to sell 2m copies worldwide after the first couple of days on sale.

The Overlord DLC pack will cost 560MS points (4.80) and will be available for Xbox 360 and PC players in June.

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