MCV Awards: See fight scene video here

A huge cast drawn fromacross the UK games industry starred in the video for the MCV Awards 2012.

Always eagerly anticipated, the opening video for last week’s lavish affair at the Lancaster London features over 25 stars from the business, including managing directors, heads of sales, marketing and PR, media and more.

In amongst the blood and gore, you should be able to spot representatives from Bethesda, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Square Enix, Sega, THQ, UKIE, WBIE, Koch Media, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Mastertronic, Sony DADC andShopTo.Net.

The video is a parody of the famous fight scene in Will Ferrell movie Anchorman, with different games gangs battling it on the streets of London.

"Our annual video has become the signature moment for the MCV Awards and we’re delighted that so many people turnedupfor a two-day shoot to make this epic," saidpublisher (and video co-director) Stuart Dinsey.

"The games business is going through a lot of change, but it hasn’t lost its sense of fun. The cast were all great sports and the finished video went down a storm on the night."

MCV Awards 2012: Full Video Cast:

Sean Brennan (Bethesda), David Wilson (SCEE), Sarah Seaby (Bethesda), Doug Bone (Square Enix), Dave Walker (Sega), Richard Stickler (THQ), Andy Payne (UKIE), Mark Ward (WBIE), Juliana Foley (Koch Media), Greg Whalley (Koch Media), John Clark (Sega), Rob Lowe (Nintendo), James Honeywell (Nintendo), Murray Pannell (Ubisoft), Stefano Petrullo (Ubisoft), Darren Bowen (Ubisoft), Louise Marchant (Ubisoft), Garry Williams (Mastertronic), Spencer Crossley (WBIE), Rob Gross (Sony DADC), Kirsty Payne (Mastertronic), James Binns (NetworkN), Igor Cipoletta (ShopTo.Net), Gian Luzio (ShopTo.Net) and Anna Downing (Sega), Tim Clark (Future), Peter Hepworth (Activision).

This year was the 10th Anniversary of the MCV Industry Excellence Awards.There was also a shorter, warm-up video celebratingsome of the highlights of previous years, which youcan see here.

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