MCV @ GAMESCOM INSIGHT: How THQ has transformed Nordic Games

Since its inception almost three years ago, Nordic Games has become a prolific name not only for its core gaming retail focused PC and casual console titles.

This is as well as its involvement with over 50 digital retailing environments.

From Steam and Humble to console storefronts and, more recently, an expansion into supporting indie development projects via Kickstarter, the company now has broad, diverse and far-reaching digital publishing operations.

The acquisition of both the THQ name itself and a large number of former THQ IPs has further galvanised the company’s position as a fledgling publishing powerhouse with a broad horizon of possibility ahead. Gamescom 2014 is the first time that the company has taken the cover off of its longer-term projects, reigniting some core IPs that have been sat in the locker, awaiting their time in the limelight.

The first new release from the former THQ stable of IPs comes in the shape of hotly anticipated title MX vs ATV Supercross. The 10 million-plus selling MX vs ATV franchise’s latest outing has already exceeded the pre-orders that we had expected, such is the strong fan following of the franchise.

Yet, despite the potential brought about by former THQ IP, Nordic Games’ reveals during Gamescom will make it abundantly clear that it will forge its own destiny and not follow the pre-determined path that some might expect.

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