MCV GameTime: Industry TV advertising monitor (wk ending August 19th)

We look at the latest TV advertising activity for games targeting men and how it affects web search traffic.

This is provided by specialist communication firmGeneration Mediawhich focuses on the entertainment and leisure industries.

This week we take a look at the year-on-year weekly marketing dynamics from March 20th to July 31st, for males aged between 16 and 34 years old.

We also look at how effective the TV ad campaigns are at generating consumer interest by studying Google Trends. You can click the graphs below to enlarge them.

– The games and consoles advertising market recovered from a two-week decline to deliver a 41 per cent year-on-year growth for the week ending July 31st.

– This growth was stimulated by an increase in the number of products on air. There were 12 campaigns, compared to eight for the corresponding week in 2010.

– The most heavily backed campaign was Ubisoft’s Just Dance 2, recording 92 TVRs. One TVR equals one per cent of a target audience. This is the third ad burst for the game this year.

– The strong growth experienced by the market during the week ending July 31st means that the year-to-date figure has risen to23 per cent.

Not unexpectedly, TV advertising campaigns are effective tools for driving product awareness and search uplifts, but the effect of this may be limited. The three campaigns to the left all resulted in search uplifts that lasted between three to four weeks, but Nintendo’s TV campaign actually lasted five weeks in the first burst.So it looks as though three to four-week campaigns are the way to go, but there will always be exceptions.We’ll keep you posted.

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