MCV Pacific launch party: In pictures

The regional games industry descended on Sydney last week to celebrate the launch of our new trade site, MCV Pacific.

Publishers, retailers, developers, educators and more came out to celebrate with the MCV team and you can check out the pictures by clicking here.

The aim of MCV Pacific is simple: to become a trusted and prolific resource for news affecting all games industry sectors; concentrating initially on Australia and New Zealand and then expanding to encompass every region.

MCV Pacific’s editor is Leigh Harris. The sales and marketing exec is Guy Blomberg.

The new website will be supported by a range of editorial email services. Importantly, if you’re registered with this website, MCV UK, all you need to do in order to receive the MCV Pacific emails is to log in and go to your profile and tick the appropriate box.

In return you’ll get news, data and opinion from retail, publishing, format holders, development, media and all other relevant sectors within the Pacific region – focussed initially on Australia and New Zealand.

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