MCV talks to Maguire, Lewis and Yarnton

Following the launch of the new-look website, MCV has spoken to the UK bosses of all three major console platform holders in three revealing interviews that can be read online right now.

Here’s a taster of what to expect.

Sony UK boss Ray Maguire on price cuts: It always amazes me how many people predict price cuts without having seen any of the private financial data we have. Of course, it is key for us to have a price that is attractive to consumers – but at the same time we have a tough market at the moment. Especially here in the UK with the weaker pound. Sony Hardware, for instance, had to raise its prices.”

Microsoft’s VP Interactive Entertainment Business Chris Lewis on possible studio or publisher acquisitions: All businesses without exception now are looking hard at digressional spend and at operating costs. But I will say that we are profitable as a division. That’s public information. We’re in a good, healthy state economically. Microsoft is prudent in terms of investment areas – and we always keep our eyes open over where acquisitive plans may make sense. You will not see us stepping back from investing very heavily in the future.”

Nintendo UK general manager David Yarnton on third party publishing: There’s been a lot of success for third-parties doing just that on the Wii already. I think it’s a mixed perception when people say ‘only Nintendo can succeed on Wii’ – there are a number of big sellers that prove this isn’t the case. Yes, Nintendo has had a lot of success on its formats and has titles in the charts, but when we add up the total sales of titles on our platforms the bulk of it is third party.”

To read MCV’s interview with Sony’s Ray Maguire, click here.

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To read MCV’s interview with Nintendo’s David Yarnton, click here.

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