Medal of Honor marketing kicks off

Marketing for the highly anticipated Medal of Honor reboot has already begun.

Electronic Arts has been showcasing the game at one of the UK’s biggest music events, and is already planning a number of other promotions – despite the game’s release being four months away.

Medal of Honor has already been a focus for our experiential campaign where we gave a select few UK consumers at Download Festival the first look at the new product,” said EA product manager Will Graham.

There are also a few things that we are yet to announce which really should put Medal of Honor back into the mainstream consciousness and take it beyond the core market that this game already appeals strongly too.”

Another key effort is the multiplayer beta, which kicks off later this month. Fans will be able to get an early taste of the various deathmatch modes, and members of EA’s newly announced Gun Club will get four days of exclusive access.

People who pre-order the title from UK retailer GAME can also access the beta early.

Medal of Honor is one of Electronic Arts’ most important releases this holiday season, not only setting out to reinvigorate the franchise but also making a move on Modern Warfare 2’s crown.

However, the publishing giant is also keen to draw attention to the series’ past as well as its future.

Obviously, this is a key franchise for EA going forward as well as being one steeped in heritage,” said Graham.

This is reflected in the significant number of pre-orders we have already garnered.

We have just announced that Medal of Honor: Frontline is to be ported to the PS3 version, which is fantastic news for the older fans of the series as well as introducing new fans to the extensive history of Medal of Honor.”

Medal of Honor will be released for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on October 15th.

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