Medal of Honor Warfighter coming in October

The latest effort in the Medal of Honor series has been revealed, along with word of its expected arrival in October of this year.

Game Informershares that the upcoming issue of Official Xbox Magazine peels a tiny bit of the curtain back on the sequel to the 2010 series reboot.

The title is to be developed entirely by Danger Close studios (who hasconfirmedthe report), including the multiplayer which was previously handled by DICE.

Entitled Medal of Honor Warfighter,the game follows along with the story of Tier 1 Operators. It willuse the Frostbite 2.0 engine, the same system that powered Battlefield 3 – as opposed to the 2010 MoH game that had the campaign running on the Unreal Engine, with just the multiplayer using Frostbite.

Much more info is expected to be revealed by EA next month at GDC 2012 in San Francisco.

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