Media Create: We would have liked Vita to have sold more

The latest figures from Japanese stats body Media Create shows that the PlayStation Vita claimed a sell-through of around 65 per cent over its opening weekend.

It pins the two-day sales figures at 325k units for the weekend of December 17th and 18th. In total Sony shipped in the region of 500k units in total for the launch.

Media Create admitted that the final sales numbers were lower than it had hoped for Sony’s machine, Andrasang reports.

The reason, it believes, is cost – consumers face an outlay in the region of 40k when the price of the system, games and accessories are totted up.

The shipment was abundant, so it seems that there were hardly any reports of inability to buy due to shortages,” Media Create CEO Atsushi Hosokawa stated.

Regarding sold units, to be honest we would like to have seen it sell a bit more, but you can say that it reached a certain level of success."

Media Create added that the Vita’s predecessor, the PSP, sold 60k units last wee – a factor the analyst believes could also be hitting Vita sales.

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