Metal Gear Solid 4 next for Xbox 360 switch?

Honest folk out there would have to admit that literally no-one saw Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII announcement coming last night – and now talk has turned to what other former PlayStation exclusives could follow suit.

VG247 claims to have heard from a ‘very’ senior UK industry source that it is inevitable” that Konami will follow Square Enix’s lead in porting one of its last remaining third-party PS3 exclusives to Xbox 360.

There’s only MGS left now, for a few months at least,” the source stated. It’s inevitable. Konami knows how many million they’d sell in the US alone. If FFXIII can make it to 360 when Sony owns nine percent of Square, Metal Gear’s a slam dunk.”

Konami’s Kojima Productions has up to now always insisted that MGS4 on Xbox 360 would be impossible, owing to the machine’s reliance on DVD as opposed to Sony’s high-capacity Blu-Ray.

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