MGSV: Ground Zeroes PSN price is Sony led, designed to be competitive with High Street

This is a brave new world for games retail.

Gamers have become accustomed to paying more for digital titles, despite the fact that logic should dictate that a digital product – which is free of material, logistics and distribution costs – should retail for less.

But that may no longer be the case.

Sony has told MCV that the price cut to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes for PS4 on PSN revealed this morning is its own initiative that, according to a Sony UK spokesperson, is trying to be more competitive [as the] store price is around 30”.

The source also pointed out that the digital version of InFamous: Second Son is 49.99, which is cheaper than some High Street stores.

Konami separately confirmed that it had no involvement in Ground Zeroes’ drop from 29.99 to 24.99.

It’s an interesting development after a generation of consoles where platform holders were nervous of undercutting the High Street, on which it previously placed so much dependence and had, for want of a better description, to ‘keep onside’.

That this sentiment has at the least reduced in importance is a big indicator that platform holders are now looking ahead to a time where its reliance on physical retail is significantly lessened.

Microsoft last month slashed the digital price of Xbox One title Ryse: Son of a Rome in a move it admitted was a direct attempt to compete with High Street retail rivals.

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