ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla softens on need to ship Xbox titles at the same time as PS4 and Wii U ports

Microsoft backtracks from Xbox One indie parity clause

Xbox is being less strict with its indie parity clause, stressing that it understands if devs need to release their games on other platforms first.

The clause states that indie games released developed for multiple console must ship on Xbox One as the same time as PlayStation 4 and Wii U – but ID@Xbox boss Chris Charla told GameSpot that there are caveats and exceptions.

"What we’ve always said is the developers should just come talk to us," he told the site. "If it’s a situation where a developer needs to ship serially on console because they don’t have the resources to simultaneously ship, we totally get that. It’s no problem."

The platform holder is still sticking to its guns somewhat, with Charla adding that devs who choose to release on other consoles first will need to offer something more if they want to release an Xbox One version several months later.

"If it’s a case where a game is coming out significantly later on Xbox One than another console, in that case we just ask them to add something to the game that makes it fresh for Xbox players," he said.

Microsoft has previously said that exceptions to the parity clause can be made on a case-by-case basis, while Phil Spencer stressed that the clause is to make Xbox users feel like ‘first class citizens’.

Earlier this week, Microsoft announced ID@Xbox and Xbox Live will be coming to Windows 10.

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