Microsoft blames Kinect localisation, and not supply constraints, for Xbox One delays

The complexities behind localising Kinect for numerous languages are causing Xbox one launch delays across eight European territories, Microsoft has claimed.

It was recently announced that The Xbox One’s launch has been delayed in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Sweden and Switzerland.

Speaking to OXM, the firm’s head of product development Albert Penello said the delayed release was not down to a shortage in supply of the console, as many had believed.

"People assume there’s a volume issue which in fact there isn’t,” he said.You’re actually seeing pre-orders pop back up now because we’re able allocate the countries’ volumes back in. It’s there, the problem is localisation. And once people see the system and how integral it is, it’s not just text integration."

MCV’s sister site Develop has the full story.

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