Microsoft CEO: Windows 10 now on 600m monthly active devices

At Microsoft’s annual shareholders meeting on Wednesday, CEO Satya Nadella has announced that Windows 10 has now found a home on 600m monthly active devices.

This means that Windows 10 is becoming a sizeable chunk of the PC market, and developers would do well to bear that in mind while developing and releasing games.

Windows 10 was installed on over 75m PCs in its first four weeks, passing 110m after 10 weeks in the market. It took about 27 months to hit 600m. Microsoft were hoping to hit 1b devices running Windows 10 in “two to three” years, however that goal has now been pushed back.

Regardless, Windows 10’s adoption is faster than other Windows releases, largely because it was available as a free upgrade for all Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users during its first year in the market. Also, Microsoft includes Windows 10 Mobile, Xbox One consoles, Surface hubs and Hololens AR headsets towards the Windows 10 total, meaning it’s slightly inflated over the number for only PC installs.

Regardless, Microsoft are making big steps in getting everyone to install Windows 10 on their machines.

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