30 employees dismissed as branch closes after two years of operation

Microsoft closes Canadian studio

Microsoft has shut down its Canada-based studio in Victoria, leaving 30 employees out of the job.

The firm told Times Colonist that the closure was part of a resource consolidation plan, adding that its “working closely with all employees affected by this change to identify open positions in other studios.”

Victoria Advanced Technology Council executive director Dan Gunn spoke with the outlet as well, dismissing thoughts that the closure was tied to the studio’s former “champion” Don Mattrick leaving for Zynga.

“I think we all hoped they would continue to expand,” Gunn said.

“Don Mattrick was obviously a massive champion for that office and seeing him go caused us to take notice, but it’s tough to know the inner workings of a large corporate giant like Microsoft.”

The closure takes place just two years after Microsoft announced the studio as a new branch.

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