Matchmaking to pair players based on skill, language, reputation, age and gameplay style

Microsoft details Smart Match for Xbox One

Microsoft has provided further details on its completely reengineered matchmaking system for the Xbox One.

Teasing the features on the Xbox News Wire, the firm said Smart Match would pair players based on skill, language, reputation, age and specific gameplay style.

The reputation mode will be based on social standing. Microsoft’s Michael Dunn previously explained that the criteria is designed to create real consequences for players who consistently show bad behaviour, exposing their reputation for other users to see.

“Sometimes it’s hard for strangers to know what “polite” means with different social norms and backgrounds, and even harder when you aren’t in the same room face to face with someone,” he said.

“You have few social cues to rely on, and typically a stranger sees no real reason to listen to your complaint about their behaviour. We all care a lot about behaviour on Xbox Live and player feedback options in Xbox One allows you to help educate those who don’t seem to follow good social gaming norms. We simplified the feedback mechanism also to be less of a “survey” and more direct feedback options, even linking things in like block or mute player actions into the feedback model.”

Matchmaking can also be run in the background, allowing players to use the console’s ‘snap mode’ to do something else while waiting for another player or a game to start in the lobby. One player can also arrange a game on behalf of their friends.

It added that for digital titles, users could play one game as Smart Match prepares a second. Players will then be notified once a game is ready to play.

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